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Cut to Mandi screaming her head off because two crabs got into the house and are right by her bed. Shittiest Friends: Johnny and Kenny Kenny voiceovers that Laurel came into the show in an alliance with them, but her flirtation with CT is causing them to freak out.

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The Challenge: Rivals is the 21st season of the MTV reality game show, The Challenge.

I've considered drawing a hookup flow chart for all the Challenges, but I don't think there's enough ink on the planet for that. Best Couple: Mike and Paula Paula admits she's crushing on Mike and that he's a nice guy, which makes him a million times better than her previous show hookups. ) Johnny says that Mike is “the little engine that could” and that he wants to hook up with “that old lady Paula.” I hate Johnny.

Also, Evan is a douche and Nehemiah has many good reasons to hate him. With his puffy drunk face he looks kind of like Jimmy Kimmel.

It's too soon to tell, but mentally I know I'm a strong competitor.

I don't know about emotionally, now that's another story. Everyone has their own perspective on police officers.

When it comes to , and they reveal the supposed finalists and winners once again.