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Kombucha — a fizzy, fermented tea drink with floating, gelatinous blobs that tastes much better than it sounds — is the healthy drink du jour.

It’s supposedly been around nearly as long as tea itself, but it wasn’t until recently you could easily find it on store shelves.

They went to an Afghan restaurant and to a "dingy karaoke bar to sing Elton John and Beatles tunes at each other in a private booth." "First of all, you've seen the pictures. But there's this sweetness to her and a realness, with this edge of an intelligence that is very, very strong and anchored in some values that are unassailable," he told Chatelaine.

At the end of the night, he reportedly told her: "Well, it's about time you arrived. " Sophie rode to the church in a 2004 Rolls-Royce Phantom, and after the ceremony the couple drove Pierre Trudeau's iconic 1960 Mercedes-Benz 300SL roadster to their reception at the Montreal hotel Le St-James.

Even working your way up to an extreme level of lifting won’t lead to waking up one morning to find you’re unintentionally huge. “Under conditions where I’m trying to bulk up I really had to try hard, taking creatine and timing nutrients properly; even then it took a couple of years.” If you’re still fearful of lifting, “You can try circuit training first and then move to heavy lifting later on if you want,” Erin said.

“Nobody ever became a bodybuilder by accident.” My friend Jen Sinkler told me this.

We were chatting about the fear some women have over lifting heavy weights. Well, bulking up takes years of tremendous effort, a specific muscle-building nutrition program, and for those on the extreme end of the spectrum, pharmaceutical assistance. They become: On that last one, lifting is like a fountain of youth.

''We have to abandon black tie,'' she declared, ''and have home-cooked dinners.'' The dinner was served in the Temple of Dendur, scene of a less lustrous party about a year ago to celebrate the Campeau Corporation's takeover of Allied Stores.

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The honored guests at that party, Allied's board, were no-shows.

The current issue of the Canadian women's magazine calls him ''the dark fascinator who bought the huge Federated department store's conglomerate for .8 billion and got Bloomingdale's, the sexiest store in the world.'' Introductions were only slightly less gushy on the reception line last night as Bloomingdale's chairman, Marvin Traub and his wife, Lee, stood on a remnant of red carpet with Mr. The idea was to present the Campeaus to some of the city's major players during the cocktail hour in the garden of the museum's American wing.